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Works with:

Shopify (muy pronto)
Shopify (muy pronto)

A control panel to rule them all

Stop wasting time and money by manually updating your online store catalog

Your time is valuable. You don’t have to be continually uploading products, updating prices and stock on your online store every time there’s a change made on your physical store.

Bukisync does the work for you. It syncs your online store when and how you order it.

You can choose which data you want to sync, how frequently, and what to do with the discontinued products with Bukisync. Besides, it has a powerful rules engine to set rules and actions so you can say to Bukisync: “Hey! Increase by 10% Apple products prices”. “Don’t show up Samsung products with prices less than 20€ on the online store”.

Isn’t it cool?

This is how Bukisync works:

#1 Set up your online shop access

Shopify (muy pronto)
Shopify (muy pronto)

Choose the type of online shop and tell us the credentials for us to synchronize your catalog without problems. Sync your online shop PrestaShop or WooCommerce/WordPress.

#2 Select your data source with connectors for CSV, SQL Server, MySQL, or XML.

#3 Set synchronization rules as you wish

You can define conditions to sync only a part of your catalog or modify the field’s value that meets a condition. The rules can be as simple or complex as you like. For example:

  • “Sync Apple brand products only.”
  • “If the price is less than 100€, increase the price by 30%.”
  • With Bukisync, whichever combination of rules is possible

What happens if a product is affected by two rules?

We have thought of that too. The rules have an implementation priority (first one and then the next one). Depending on the order that you arranged them, it will be how they are performed. You decide the priority of the rule. You just have to drag and drop one on top of the other.

#4 Choose what you want to sync on your online shop

Here you decide the sync policy of your interest and the fields you want to sync. You’ll have to decide what to do with:

  • The products that are only available on your online store and not on your online shop (New products).
  • The products that are available in both physical store and online shop (Existing products).
  • Or the products that are only available in your online shop (Suppressed products).

#5 Finally, choose the frequency you want to sync your online store

You can plan the schedule for your online store in different ways: by minutes, by hours, by days, weekly, or even monthly.

Done! Ready to sync on autopilot

Now your online store automatically synchronizes with your data source while you do more important things.

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