How to automatically update the stock with PrestaShop

One of the main problems is keeping an updated stock between your physical and online store. With Bukisync, we have created a solution for you not to get distracted from what’s important: your customers.

What type of online store should I have?

Bukisync is linked to one of the biggest content creators for e-commerce in the world, PrestaShop.

Following a few easy steps, you can have your PrestaShop store stock automatically synced using CSV or XML connectors.

What should I do to sync my PrestaShop store?

It’s pretty simple! We are going to explain step by step till we get to add our PrestaShop data.

Once we have created an account and logged in to Bukisync (If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here for free), it’s time to do our first sync.

We will click on “create your first sync” to start.


If we haven’t yet downloaded Bukisync’s app to our computer, it’s time to do it now.


After installing the app, we have to sign in with our email and password. Then we can return to Bukisync’s page where our “client” will appear but, it’s nothing more than our computer with Bukisync’s app installed.

We select the connector we are going to use. In the following links is explained how to sync the stock using a CSV or XML connector.

How to set CSV connector to Bukisync

How to set XML connector to Bukisync

In the next step, we have to add our online store’s access data to the application.

The fields to fill in this occasion are simple:

  1. Description
  2. Url
  3. Password
  4. Shop (In the shop and, description fields we can write the same name)

After the access data, it comes an important moment to sync our physical and online store. Even when at first it may seem a bit complex, it’s easy. If you have any doubt, contact us!

At this point, we have to create the rules for Bukisync to sync our store. In the following example, we increased the VAT by 10% on the products whose price equal to or higher than 100€. Without having to waste a lot of time and best of all, without any error!

  1. The first thing is to give a name to the rule. We have named it “VAT rise” in this event.
  2. Next, the rule we have created in the example would say: If the “price” is higher or equal to (≥) “100”.
  3. Then “modify the price field by 1.1″. This step might be a little hard to understand but, it’s easy. When we multiply our price by 1.1, we increase the price by 10%. In the case we wanted to increase it by 20%, we would have to multiply it by 1.2 and so on.
  4. There’s nothing to add in the “Else” section for this example.

Easy, right?

Before finishing our sync, we have to tell Bukisync if we want this new rule to apply to new products, existing products, or suppressed products. As you can see in the image, we only synced the price and stock of our store’s existing products on this example.


We choose how frequently we want to sync our store. In this case, it will not be needed to program anything as we won’t be increasing the VAT regularly. If there was a rule in which we wanted to sync the stock, we could do it daily, hourly… According to our business needs.


That’s it! We hit “Play” and, our store will begin to Sync.


From now on, we can create new syncs, delete or edit the existing ones.


You can have synced your physical and online stock in a few easy steps without investing a lot of time, without errors with your PrestaShop store.

Last but not least, if you have any questions about the process or if you need more information, contact us!


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