How to create an account in Bukisync

Creating an account in Bukisync is pretty easy. You just need to use your name and email. You won’t need anything else.

To do the first sync, you will need to download and install our client’s app on your computer. Everything is pretty easy. We want to show you how to do it in this post to solve any doubts.

Let’s go to Bukisync’s webpage and click on “Start for free.”

We will fill in the data that the following image reflects and, we will click on “Register.”

Afterward, we will need to go to our email and confirm our account.

Then, we will log in with our email and password.

After introducing the email and password, we will need to click “Add new account.”

Now we will choose the Bukisync subscription. We can see the different plans offered by Bukisync by moving our slider from left to right. If we only want the free trial, we will need to leave the slider on the left side, as shown in the image.

Don’t forget to put your company’s name in the corresponding field!

We have created our account with these easy steps but, we still have one important step.

Following this, we will click on “Create your first sync.”

Now, we will need to download and install our “client” app on our computer. This is an important step so that Bukisync can sync your stock.

After installing the app, we have to sign in with our email and password. Then we can return to Bukisync’s page where our “client” will appear but, it’s nothing more than our computer with the Bukisync application installed.

We select our client and click on next.

We have to choose a connector to continue with our first sync, as shown in the following image.

From this point on, depending on the connector that we choose, we will have to follow some steps. Visit our posts where we explain the steps to follow depending on the chosen option.

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