How to generate the API keys in WooCommerce

Generating WooCommerce online store API keys is a necessary step so Bukisync can communicate effectively with your store.

We will grant read and write permissions to these access keys to the API of your online store, that way Bukisync can sync the data of your products with your data source.

Let’s see the steps we need to follow to generate API keys:

1. Head over to the WordPress administration area

2. Click on “WooCommerce/Settings”

3. Open the “Advanced” tab

4. Click “API REST”

5. Click the “Add key” or “Generate an API key” button

6. Set the new API key

  1. Set the Description field as Bukisync.
  2. Set the “Reading/Writing” permissions.
  3. Save the changes by clicking the “Generate API key” button.

7. Copy and paste the “Client’s key” and “Client’s secret key” data on Bukisync

Done! Start to sync your WooCommerce store with your data source for free


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