How to sync your physical and online store stock

One of the biggest problems that we face by selling physically and online is having an updated stock. Depending on our company, we always have to worry about our stock being synced daily, weekly, monthly, or hourly.

What could happen if I don’t have an updated stock?

Imagine that one customer visits our online store and its needing one of our products. According to the website, we have stock of the product so, the customer decides to visit our physical store.

The customer left things to do and decided to move some kilometers to go to the store. There, the customer finds out that it was an error and we don’t have the product at the moment. Trouble, right?

I can’t even think how the customer is going to react… We didn’t only lose a sale (best of cases), we have lost a customer that won’t refer us to friends and family because of his bad experience.

Forgetting to sync a product that you sold can turn to incalculable losses to the company.

But… I will always have the updated information. That never changes!

Are you sure? Let’s see another example.

We sold a high-end phone for less than its market value. What happened? How did we make this mistake?

The answer is quite easy: we are humans and, we make mistakes. We could make this error a lot of times. For example, it’s easy to make a mistake when instead of 99,99€, we put 90,99€ or even 9,99€. Do you imagine giving away a last-gen high-cost phone because of this tiny error? Maybe we would lose our minds.

What can I do to fix all this?

If something like this happens to us, we wouldn’t be able to work peacefully. We will be checking our website to look for errors over and over again. We would spend hours syncing our stock and, we may even make a mistake that will take us back to where we started.

Why not leave to someone else that tedious job to do it for me? Even better… Why isn’t it automatically done without errors in the sync while I take care of my clients in the best possible way?

Interesting, right? Let us tell you more…

Imagine that we have a beauty product company where we sell in both physical and online stores. Are we capable of having synced our stock between our physical and online stores? Honestly, it’s impossible.

Also, every time that our supplier delivers the stock that we requested, we have to update the system product by product. Probably while we have an item in our warehouse without being synced between our physical and online store, someone has looked for it on the web, decided to go to the store, and has left without buying because we have not yet been able to sync the stock.

We could talk paragraph by paragraph about a lot of similar cases that have happened to us. How many battles are we going to be able to tell our grandsons about us merchants? Let’s better try to give a solution to this problem and, let’s sync our stock in both physical and online stores.

I have seen enough… How do I do it?

Well, we have thought about you, about your company, in improving your day to day and, we have created an app that will help you sync the stock of your physical store and online store. We have named it Bukisync.

Our application will do what you tell it when you order it and in the best way that suits your business:

Do you want the store stock to sync hourly? Bukisync does it.

Do you want to lower the price of products you want to remove from the store? Bukisync does it.

Do you need to sync the stock just for a specific brand? Bukisync does it for you!

Easy, right? You can have synced the stock between your physical and online store with just a few simple steps.

These are the steps that you have to follow:

1.- Select your data source. We have different options for you (CSV, SQL Server, MySQL, or XML)

2.- Choose your online store type and fill in your access data so we can sync your stock without any problems.

3.- Set synchronization rules at your company’s best convenience.

4.- Indicate sync policies of new products, existing products, or suppressed products.

5.- Finally, choose the frequency you want the stock to be synced between your physical and online store.


With our app and following five easy steps, you can have your physical and online store stock synced. This helps you eradicate errors and gives you more time to spend on your daily tasks.


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